AgendaThursday, December 11, 2014

Daily overview

Time, PST Activity Location
07:45am - 12:45pm Registration Emerald Ballroom Foyer
09:00am - 10:00am Keynotes Emerald Ballroom
10:10am - 11:15am Breakout Sessions Oregon, Nevada, Washington, California Rooms
11:20am - 12:20pm Keynotes Emerald Ballroom
12:20pm - 01:20pm Lunch / Networking Gold Rush Room
01:20pm - 02:20pm Keynote and Panel Discussion Emerald Ballroom
02:30pm - 03:35pm Breakout Sessions Oregon, Nevada, Washington, California Rooms
03:40pm - 04:10pm Keynotes Emerald Ballroom
04:10pm - 05:10pm Networking, Drinks Reception Redwood Room

Sessions and activities

Time, PST Activity Location
07:45am - 12:45pm Registration Emerald Ballroom Foyer
09:00am - 09:30am Opening Keynote by Brett Shockley, former Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Avaya. Emerald Ballroom
09:30am - 10:00am Love the Cloud, hate the Cloud: what Hybrid can do for us, keynote by Simone Brunozzi, VP and Chief Technologist for Cloud Services at VMware Emerald Ballroom
10:00am - 10:10am Break/Transition to Breakouts Foyer and hallways
10:10am - 10:40am

File sharing is the best way to collaborate on documents. Are you sure?

According to a survey by Checkpoint in 2013, file sharing is responsible for 70% of all information leakage. File sharing of documents requires a check-in / check-out process. It enforces a serial document production process that reduces productivity, quality and security when generating complex and time sensitive documents. Josh Pells, Business Development Manager from Xait will discuss the drawbacks with file sharing for documents and look at how database driven document production solutions increase productivity, quality and security.

Speaker: Josh Pells, Business Development Manager, Xait

Oregon Room
10:10am - 10:40am

Cloud Playbook for a Business-Driven Financial Approach

A Scenarios approach will present examples that will allow business savvy professionals to make informed decisions based on a sound business model. This model will cover the technology options in detail as well a financial analysis. A TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) as well as an ROI (Return on Investment) will show how to start, develop and formulate a business case that will allow for both small and large scale projects achieve the goal of deciding to proceed with Cloud Computing options. A risk based analysis will also be covered with examples showing how one an ascertain risk metrics balanced with technology options driven to a sound financial backing. Examples will include leveraging VMware virtualization, Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Speaker: Keith Dobbins, Director of Architecture, Time Warner

Nevada Room
10:10am - 10:40am

How to Build a Cloud-Based Digital Transformation Offering

For any Cloud company used to selling into the IT department, enterprise Digital Transformation initiatives can present a unique set of challenges. The focus of such Digital Transformation efforts typically centers on adding mobile and social touchpoints to an enterprise's existing Web efforts. However, such initiatives are frequently driven by marketers or other non-technical people, and often intentionally bypass IT.

Speaker: Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx

Washington Room
10:10am - 10:40am

Breakout Session by Looksery

To take your marketing campaign all the way to a viral success it is important to use creative tools. Solutions based on Looksery facial tracking and transformation technologies deliver extremely engaging new customer experiences. We developed face tracking and face modification mechanisms for real-time video that allow us to change how people look. We track all face elements like eyebrows, chin, cheeks, eyes and track changing of facial expressions. This allows us to create face filters that modify facial features, add fun effects, and animate via 3D avatars. For marketers, the Looksery technology could mean a shortcut to success. Brands can implement Looksery’s real-time face recognition and face modification filters into their fan and support communication. For example, a movie studio or brand would be advised to use Looksery by simply allowing people to digitally dress up as a favorite character. Characters can be customized and be used as a viral medium to promote any kind of a product. It has not really been done before and could spawn a lot of attention and press. With features like face modification, face tracking, combinable filters Looksery delivers transformative marketing solutions to OEM’s, brands, make-up companies and call centers.

Speaker: Alex Grytsiuk, Looksery.

California Room
10:40am - 10:45am Break Foyer and hallways
10:45am - 11:15am

Gateware Defined Networking (GDN) for ultra-low latency and low power cloud services

A problem with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) in Software Defined Networks (SDN) is the high latency required for processing a packet. In addition to the first-packet delay for SDN, NFV adds additional delays for subsequent packets. GDN provides a more efficient way to process packets using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) that achieves sub-microsecond packet processing latency and the far less power to implement a NFV function as compared to software.

Speaker: John Lockwood, CEO of Algo-Logic Systems

Oregon Room
10:45am - 11:15am

Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things

Daikin Applied transforming how business and occupants interface with their building environments. Daikin Applied is harnessing the power of the Internet of things to deploy complete end to end solutions for commercial HVAC. Working with Intel we are connecting equipment and delivering data for cloud applications. The deployment of cloud based systems brings advanced energy management, FDD and user interfaces to provide game changing performance.

Speaker: Kevin Facinelli, Daikin Applied USA

Nevada Room
10:45am - 11:15am

The Evolution of Cloud: Are we there yet?

In this session we will discuss two paths of getting us to here (cloud adoption) as it relates to Enterprise and SMB markets. We will explore the resistance points around cloud adoption and how those are actually not challenges anymore, we will conclude with how our solution can help with this migration, along with the gained benefits.

Speaker: Emily Friedberg, VP Corporate Development at Lagrange Systems

Washington Room
10:45am - 11:15am Breakout Session TBD California Room
11:15am - 11:20am Break Foyer and hallways
11:20am - 11:50am

IaaS Security – Back to the Drawing Board

The introduction of cloud-based Infrastructure Services (IaaS) has practically revolutionized the IT market. Almost infinite virtual computation resources are now available in a pay-per-use model almost anywhere around the globe within a few mouse clicks (and a single swipe of your credit card). This is by order of magnitudes more flexible and more efficient than what any in-house IT organization can do. This compelling business model has led to a rapid growth in IaaS adoption by organizations of all kinds. However, with respect to IT security, public cloud IaaS is a big step backwards. Most on-prem security systems, such as firewall policies, access-rights management, monitoring and governance solutions cannot be extended 'as-is' to cover IaaS deployments. This is attributed to the fact that IaaS environments are multi-tenant virtual environments where organizations have no control over the infrastructure itself and limited control of the networking capabilities. Furthermore, most cloud providers work on a “shared responsibility” model, which 'delegates' most IT security responsibilities to the organizations using the cloud (i.e. their customers). This session discusses the challenges of securing IaaS deployments and several best practices to address them, focusing on preventive networking and access aspects.

Speaker: Amit Cohen, CEO of FortyCloud

Emerald Ballroom
11:50am - 12:20am Keynote by Amit Cohen, CEO of FortyCloud Emerald Ballroom
12:20pm - 01:20pm Lunch Break Emerald Ballroom
01:20pm - 01:50pm

Cloud as a Growth Engine for Business

Succeeding in today’s marketplace is about both invention and reinvention. New companies emerge from the explosive potential of mobile, social, and big data. Meanwhile, existing powerhouses reinvent and differentiate through these same forces. Cloud is the common thread which increasingly belongs at the heart of business strategy. Today’s cloud addresses business needs at all levels of an organization -– from C-level leadership to IT decision-makers to application developers and beyond. Whether the objective is speeding time to market of new products and services, using analytics to drive better decision-making, or simply improving the economics of IT, cloud can help you realize proven business outcomes. Join us to explore how you can put cloud to work as a growth engine for your business.

Speaker: Alan Manuel, VP, IBM Cloud Application Services

Emerald Ballroom
01:50pm - 02:20pm

Panel Discussion: Pedal to the Metal: Accelerating Big Data with Bare-Metal Cloud

Despite fanfare around big data and the cloud, are traditional virtual cloud servers the right choice for big data apps? As customers embrace big data, they are realizing that to make a real-time business impact, they need their big data to behave like “fast data.” Traditional virtual cloud servers must share resources among multiple tenants and also include a hypervisor layer that creates additional processing overhead, and are therefore not the right choice to address the high-performance needs of many businesses. This is especially true for big data apps handling massive transactional workloads in real-time, in areas like digital marketing, eCommerce, online gaming, among others. These applications are helping drive the rapid emergence of bare-metal cloud as an alternative to public cloud. This involves non-virtualized dedicated servers that feature the same on-demand scaling, automation, self-provisioning and hourly billing as virtualized cloud. This panel will be moderated by Satish Hemachandran, VP of product management at Internap, and will include end-user organizations that are deploying large-scale bare metal environments to meet their high-performance needs. Attendees will draw the following takeaways:

  • Learn the role of bare-metal cloud and database technologies in ensuring real-time data delivery and analysis, while delivering cost and management benefits.
  • Hear firsthand how organizations are utilizing bare-metal architecture and the advantages it has brought them.
  • Understand the ideal big data/fast data use cases and workloads for both public and bare metal cloud; where price: performance of public cloud can begin to break down; and leave with a list of key criteria to consider when deciding which model is right to support a given business.

Panel Speakers: Satish Hemachandran, VP, Product Management, Internap (Moderator), Shah Rahman, Founder & CEO, Cloudly, Tachu Avila, VP of Engineering, Crowdstar and Arjun Ramaratnam, Senior Director, Engineering at WalmartLabs, Young Paik, Director of Sales Engineering at Aerospike

Emerald Ballroom
02:20am - 02:30pm Break Emerald Ballroom
02:30pm - 03:00pm

Bringing it Down to Earth: OpenStack and the Enterprise

Chris C. Kemp, former NASA CTO and co-founder of OpenStack will explore the origins of OpenStack, diving into how this technology advanced NASA’s mission and is now being adopted in a number of organizations worldwide. We’ll take a close look at how the fastest growing open source project in history evolved - and where it’s going - before turning our attention to the forces that have catalyzed this revolution and reshaped enterprise computing. Finally we will look at some examples of cloud technologies and architectures that are enabling average enterprises to power new scale-out software at a fraction of the cost of legacy computing, virtualization, and storage platforms.

Speaker: Chris C. Kemp, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Nebula

Oregon Room
02:30pm - 03:00pm

First Caller Advantage: Using the Cloud to Win

The cloud is all about having information at your fingertips no matter where you are. This is great for consumers, but a challenge for salespeople. Conventional wisdom has long told us that the best leads are inbound, driven by marketing activities, but today buyers do their research online and often make up their minds before vendor reviews even begin. How can today’s salespeople get ahead in a world where information is still power—but this power now moves at Internet-speed? To win, salespeople must become proactive and use the cloud to their advantage, getting data before anyone else so they can achieve “first caller” advantage. Salespeople need to discover opportunities and engage proactively before vendor selections even begin. If a salesperson contacts prospects first with a compelling reason, research tells us they have a 74% chance of winning the business. This session will help attendees get there first. Gagein CMO Richard Dym will offer an overview of the tools salespeople—and indeed anyone in an outward-facing position—need to understand how to best harness the power of big data, artificial intelligence, predictive scoring and the Cloud to boost their sales up to 5X easily and cost-effectively.

Speaker: Richard Dym, CMO of Gagein

Nevada Room
02:30pm - 03:00pm

Cloud & Data Center Build vs Buy: How Smart Companies Fail

The relatively nascent nature of the industry has produced some shocking investment debacles perpetrated by some of the nation’s most respected brands. IT investing is risky, and in today's industry, self-taught IT staff are applying IT budget cycles and investment analysis to fixed assets of upwards of $50 to $100 million or more. This perfect storm has resulted in an industry where over-provisioning by 100 percent or more is commonplace, with most CFOs disavowing responsibility and “leaving it to the techies.” How should investment decisions be made when planning large-scale, long-term, fixed assets that span multiple budgeting cycles in an field undergoing rapid change (e.g. technology)? The answer is disciplined, multi-year, cross-functional, investment planning that produces concrete and measureable ROI.

Speaker: Everett Thompson, CEO of WiredRE

Washington Room
02:30pm - 03:00pm

Is the Cloud Ready For Your Data?

What does it mean to put data in the cloud? What are the risks, rewards, and key issues you need to be aware of when considering this important move? This session will survey the current state of cloud storage, describe methods for using the cloud for both primary and secondary storage, and explore future directions for cloud storage. Attendees will learn:

  • Ways to utilize cloud storage, whether to consider deduplication essential or optional
  • How to consider bandwidth as part of the cloud storage equation
  • What traps to look out for when considering putting data into the cloud

Speaker: Bill Quigley, Deputy CTO of Riverbed Technology

California Room
03:00pm - 03:05pm Break Foyer and hallways
03:05pm - 03:35pm

Contingency Planning and Risk Mitigation Strategies for Cloud-based Technology Transactions

Did you know that 85% of new software is being built for the cloud? Yet, 72% of executives have concerns about cloud security. Are you prepared to turn your mission-critical applications and sensitive data over to the cloud? Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – can come with significant risks, especially as it relates to sudden cessation of business or an extended outage that is beyond the control of the provider. How can your customer take the critical steps necessary to safely leverage cloud services? Unable to overcome the risk objections to doing business with you, many companies have difficulty entrusting their data to the cloud without certain protections in place. Depending on the technology investment, availability of the service and the value placed on precious subscriber data, you need to understand the buyer dynamic with respect to satisfying the need for due diligence, risk assessments and crafting contingency plans that can be executed independently of the provider. As a SaaS provider, learn more about how you can craft a contingency plan for your clients and prospects; one that can be executed independently of you. Understand how providers can earn trust to overcome the risk objections to doing business and to close more deals faster! .

Speaker: John Boruvka, Vice President; Intellectual Property Management at Iron Mountain

Oregon Room
03:05pm - 03:35pm

Running enterprise 3D apps in the cloud - reality or not?

For years running virtualized applications in the cloud was limited to using CPU and memory virtualization technologies. High performance 3D graphic cards had to run in the local system on the user's desk. This has changed now, today one can even run applications like e.g. SAP 3D Visual Enterprise in the cloud. But how is this working, how is the performance, what about the user experience? Questions over questions for which you may find answers in this session.

Speaker: Roland Wartenberg, Director Global SAP Alliance, Citrix

Nevada Room
03:05pm - 03:35pm

Looking To Build A Secure, Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobile Application? Here’s How!

Mobile applications need to allow people convenient access, but also enable them to maintain organizational control, security and compliance. Additionally, a great mobile application should properly handle data remnants and harmoniously coexist with BYOD policies. In this session, attendees will learn the successful components for designing and building a mobile application for the enterprise, including features like support for multiple methods of authentication for different devices, and remote wipe capabilities. It will also teach attendees how to navigate through the use of native versus HTML APIs, security protocols and explain how to properly test an app for security purposes. Specifically, in this session, attendees will learn: 1. What essential features and components comprise the ideal enterprise mobile application. 2. How to navigate through design choice options, security protocols and BYOD policies. 3. How to properly test their mobile application to ensure the utmost security.

Speaker: Mush Hakhinian, Chief Security Architect, Intralinks

Washington Room
03:05pm - 03:35pm

Evaluating Private PaaS for use in the Enterprise

While public cloud Infrastructure as a Service adoption continues to grow at a strong pace, public Platform as a Service has not seen the same growth rates. Private PaaS allows organizations to layer a consistent set of services for developers on top of private and public infrastructure without fear of Public PaaS lock-in. This talk will review the benefits of Private PaaS, how to evaluate the vendors and products and steps to take that will ensure it's successful adoption into the your organization. The discussion will not discuss any vendor specific features or offer vendor comparisons, but rather focus on how to perform the evaluations. (vendor neutral assurance).

Speaker: Steven Dzilvelis, Sales Engineer, Apprenda, Inc.

California Room
03:35pm - 03:40pm Break Foyer and hallways
03:40pm - 04:10pm Closing Keynote by Arijit Sengupta, CEO of BeyondCore Emerald Ballroom
04:10pm - 04:40pm Cloud Awards Ceremony Emerald Ballroom

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December 11, 2014

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