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What's ahead? Cloud Outlook on 2015 - 2018.

In this track, we'll discuss the evolution of cloud, looking through our crystal ball, and make forecasts on future posibilities, expansion, growth, long-term vision of cloud, with these topics of interest in mind:

  • Market segmentation and key trends/directional qualities of each of these segments;
  • New emerging areas of cloud that are nascent;
  • cloud services and the key areas/segments to watch;
  • Status quo and future directions of PaaS and Cloud Services Brokerage Enablers. Are there any “big” players getting into this market?;
  • Predictions in the battle of virtualized commodity hardware like VMware, EMC, VCE vs bare-metal camp like IBM and Oracle;
  • Future considerations for cloud providers (private and public) when building their cloud;
  • Future trends to engage in now to gain competitive advantage;
  • When can the industry guarantee zero down time

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December 11, 2014

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